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Old world Russian Sauna recently completely renovated. 3 Hot rooms (Mens, Womens, and Co-ed) all built with granite bricks and thousands of pounds of rock inside. Great heat & steam! Built in early 1900s in a historically Russian neighborhood in Chicago, the neighborhood has been gentrified and is very upscale with many bars and restaurants in addition to Red Square.

Year Built: 1900




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Hot Room Dimensions: Large

Hot Room Capacity: 20



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5.0 rating
September 20, 2018

Great place with great history, tremendous heat and good food. Originally called The Division St Bath this has been a landmark location on Chicago’s Near West Side. If you are doing things near the Loop or United Center or looking for a trendier neighborhood Red Square is the place to go. Also the place to go if you are female or want to bring a wife or girlfriend. (Chicago Sweatlodge is men only) Slightly more expensive than Chicago Sweatlodge and more difficult parking but absolutely worth the trip!!!!

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